Microsoft Azure: Retiring… IP Addresses?

This was certainly an unexpected announcement, Microsoft are going to discontinue their Basic IP Address SKU. In this blog post I detail the gained features by moving to the Standard SKU, the ways to find out how to discover which IP addreses after affected within your Azure Tenant, and how to upgrade.

VMware vSphere & vSAN 8 General Availability Release Date Revised

With VMware’s release of vSphere & vSAN 8.0 imminent, VMware have made an announcement to amend the timeframe to allow themselves more quality assurance time.

Read on to see more about the VMware lifecycle and how you can prepare for vSphere & vSAN 8.0.

Breaking the Consolidation / Merge Stalemate – For VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V

If you have snapshots or checkpoints that won’t consolidate or merge, you have a painful situation, once you notice! If you don’t notice, you’ve got a disaster approaching. Learn how to break the stalemate of stuck snapshots/checkpoints and how to monitor for these in this blog post!