Veeam & SQL Server 2012, The Approaching End of Life & How to Migrate

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 goes end of life in July 2022, but did you know that a lot of Veeam installations are still using this database? In this blog post I’ll provide information on how to deploy a new SQL Server instance and migrate your database, then tidy everything up!

SQL Server 2019 – TDE DB Recovery Errors, Log Shipping & CU16

If you’re using SQL Server 2019, Transparent Data Encryption, and compressing your database backups, you might be in for a shock. Microsoft released a KB detailing a known bug preventing the restores of these backups. Whilst the latest CU addresses this bug, there’s some important caveats to understand and plan for accordingly.

Read this blog post to find out more.

Veeam Supported Products Reaching End of Life in 2022

After my last post highlighting the Veeam software that reaches end of support in 2022, I wanted to expand this further and discuss software that Veeam works with that will be approaching end of life in 2022. Why does this matter when I’m just trying to protect the data? Times change, and software changes with… Continue reading Veeam Supported Products Reaching End of Life in 2022

Database Considerations: Veeam Backup & Replication / Veeam ONE on Windows Server 2022 – Part One

Veeam v11a is now available in RTM, bringing support for Windows Server 2022 amongst its many other features. If you’re planning a new deployment however, you’ll want to read on…

Troubleshooting Tip: Recovering Access to a MSSQL Database

I was recently helping a customer create a SQL database backup for a support ticket and noticed that they had an interesting SQL Server configuration. There was only a single account with sysadmin rights, the sa account, but this account wasn’t allowed to sign in. The SQL Server was domain joined but there was just… Continue reading Troubleshooting Tip: Recovering Access to a MSSQL Database