Veeam & SQL Server 2012, The Approaching End of Life & How to Migrate

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 goes end of life in July 2022, but did you know that a lot of Veeam installations are still using this database? In this blog post I’ll provide information on how to deploy a new SQL Server instance and migrate your database, then tidy everything up!

Veeam ONE Installation Error: Failed to Create Website

Hey everyone, Just a quick one from me here, I was playing about in my lab installing Veeam B&R and Veeam ONE v11a (because, why not?!), when I hit a strange issue. I’d snapshotted my VM prior to installing Veeam ONE so that I could revert back and try different methods (and play with automation).… Continue reading Veeam ONE Installation Error: Failed to Create Website

Database Considerations: Veeam Backup & Replication / Veeam ONE on Windows Server 2022 – Part One

Veeam v11a is now available in RTM, bringing support for Windows Server 2022 amongst its many other features. If you’re planning a new deployment however, you’ll want to read on…