VMware vSphere & vSAN 8 General Availability Release Date Revised

With VMware’s release of vSphere & vSAN 8.0 imminent, VMware have made an announcement to amend the timeframe to allow themselves more quality assurance time.

Read on to see more about the VMware lifecycle and how you can prepare for vSphere & vSAN 8.0.

Breaking the Consolidation / Merge Stalemate – For VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V

If you have snapshots or checkpoints that won’t consolidate or merge, you have a painful situation, once you notice! If you don’t notice, you’ve got a disaster approaching. Learn how to break the stalemate of stuck snapshots/checkpoints and how to monitor for these in this blog post!

Critical VMware Vulnerability: VMSA-2022-0014

VMware recently released information regarding VMSA-2022-0014, a critical authentication bypass & privilege escalation vulnerability for multiple products. In this blog post, I’ve collated some key information to swiftly identify if you’re impacted, as well as calling out must know information around remediation.

VMware vCenter Log4j Patches Available

As of yesterday, VMware released the vCenter Log4j fixes for releases 6.5 and 6.7 of both their vCenter Server Appliance and vCenter Server (for Windows). Combined with the previously released vCenter 7.0 patch, VMware now offer complete protection against the currently disclosed Log4j vulnerabilities within the VMware vCenter product. What version do I need? Depending… Continue reading VMware vCenter Log4j Patches Available

Veeam Supported Products Reaching End of Life in 2022

After my last post highlighting the Veeam software that reaches end of support in 2022, I wanted to expand this further and discuss software that Veeam works with that will be approaching end of life in 2022. Why does this matter when I’m just trying to protect the data? Times change, and software changes with… Continue reading Veeam Supported Products Reaching End of Life in 2022

VMware Log4j Vulnerabilities Confirmed

I don’t often dedicate a blog post to a particular security vulnerability, but since it has scored a perfect 10 CVE rating, it’s important to be aware ASAP. VMware have identified multiple products that utilise the Apache technology that are vulnerable to the Log4j vulnerability. What is this “Log4j” vulnerability? A Remote Code Execution (RCE)… Continue reading VMware Log4j Vulnerabilities Confirmed

VMware Workstation Pro 16 for Linux – Unable to Compile modules

So I recently revived an old laptop to run Ubuntu and the first thing I installed was VMware Workstation. When first starting VMware Workstation I was asked to compile the vmmon and vmnet modules. Unfortunately, it failed, when reviewing the output (stored within the /tmp/ folder) I found the following key lines (collated below): The… Continue reading VMware Workstation Pro 16 for Linux – Unable to Compile modules

Data Protection Best Practice: Encrypting Backups

Today I want to talk about backups, and the importance of encrypting them, everywhere. When people think of encrypted backups, the usual first thoughts are around portable backups such as tape and USB or backups outside of your trust domain such as cloud storage. This is a great starting point, and if you’re not currently… Continue reading Data Protection Best Practice: Encrypting Backups

VMware vCenter Server Appliance: Sequence Wrong Size for a Certificate when replacing SSL Certificates

Hi! Just a quick one today. I was replacing a certificate for a customer’s VCSA today with one from their internal CA when I hit the error “Sequence Wrong Size for a Certificate”. To clarify, I had generated a CSR from the VCSA, requested the certificate from the CA, downloaded this and the certificate chain… Continue reading VMware vCenter Server Appliance: Sequence Wrong Size for a Certificate when replacing SSL Certificates