Upcoming Community Engagement: VeeamON 2021 – Wednesday 26th May 2021 3PM GMT

In under a month’s time one of the greatest annual tech events will be taking place, VeeamON! As always I was excited to see what Veeam are going to surprise us with but this year I was even more surprised than usual. I’ve been invited to take part in delivering a session this year, with none other than the one and only Rick “RICKATRON” Vanover.

We’re delivering a session called “Hold My Beer While I Recover to the Cloud”. Whilst I won’t give away all the details here, it’ll be well worth the watch!

If you haven’t already registered to VeeamON you can do so by going to https://www.veeam.com/veeamon. You’ll be able to see all the upcoming sessions and who’s speaking at each, with my favourite feature, that it’ll tell you what time those sessions are in your own local time zone!

There’s going to be plenty to talk about at VeeamON this year so be sure not to miss it. If you register before the 5th May you’ll receive a FREE VeeamON swag box (these vary by region and not all countries qualify). Veeam are also donating $3 per registration to “Girls Who Code” up to $100k!

Finally if you want to undertake Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) training, you can register for a discount on the training course. The training course is absolutely brilliant and a pre-requisite if you want to take the VMCE or VMCE-ADO exams.

Hope to see you at VeeamON!

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