New Blog Series: Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive


Today I’m excited to finally share my blog series that I’ve been working on for some time, a deep dive into the object storage solutions available from the “big three” public cloud hyperscalers (Azure/AWS/GCP).

Part one is available now over at the Veeam Blog and I’ll be updating this post as the other sections become available over the coming days! I won’t spoil the reading but part one focuses on a review of these three services, where they are similar or differentiate so you can start to align yourself with a suitable cloud!

UPDATE 25/08/2021: Part two is now available!

UPDATE 04/10/2021: Part three is now available!

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part One, Comparison

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part Two, Implementation

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part Three, Benchmarks

Any questions? Did it help? Please feel free to give feedback! I’ll be fielding questions and the conversations over at the Veeam Community Hub. Join in!

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