New Blog Series: Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive


Today I’m excited to finally share my blog series that I’ve been working on for some time, a deep dive into the object storage solutions available from the “big three” public cloud hyperscalers (Azure/AWS/GCP).

Part one is available now over at the Veeam Blog and I’ll be updating this post as the other sections become available over the coming days! I won’t spoil the reading but part one focuses on a review of these three services, where they are similar or differentiate so you can start to align yourself with a suitable cloud!

UPDATE 25/08/2021: Part two is now available!

UPDATE 04/10/2021: Part three is now available!

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part One, Comparison

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part Two, Implementation

Cloud Object Storage Deep Dive – Part Three, Benchmarks

Any questions? Did it help? Please feel free to give feedback! I’ll be fielding questions and the conversations over at the Veeam Community Hub. Join in!

By micoolpaul

Data Protection Consultant, focusing on Veeam, VMware & Microsoft Productivity and Infrastructure stacks.

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