Exchange Server 2013: End of Support

This is a guest post from Maximilian Maier

After more than 10 years of service, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 goes into End of Support (11th April 2023). The RTM release went life on 3rd December 2012, and (if we don’t see another update in the next days) CU23 with the March 2023 security patch will be the final release.

Microsoft explains, what End of Support means for their customers. You won’t receive any:

No longer getting security fixes is the critical part about the End of Support phase. If you think about all the security updates we’ve received in the last years, how many exploits have been published and how many widespread attacks occurred, you don’t want to risk running an unsupported Exchange Server.

So, hopefully this isn’t news to anybody, and either you have already moved on, or you’re currently in migration. Both successors, Exchange Server 2016 and 2019, will be supported till October 2025. Exchange Online is also an attractive migration target, with less administrative overhead and improved security.

Unsupported Exchange Servers and Exchange Online

A small future outlook to the usage of unsupported Exchange Servers in combination with Exchange Online.

In March Microsoft announced the ‘Transport-based Enforcement System’. The goal of this is, to detect, report, throttle and eventually block incoming email from end of support Exchange Servers. At the beginning only Exchange 2007 in hybrid scenarios will be targeted. But if this system is successful, it will be extended to Exchange 2010 and 2013. And, if possible, Microsoft might also analyse 3rd party email servers at some point.

This might look like a harsh move, as it could break internal and external mailflow. But on the other hand this could accelerate the decommission of outdated mail servers.

For more information take a look at the Exchange Team Blog.

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