VeeamON 2023 – Recommended Sessions

This is a guest post from Maximilian Maier

Recently I went through the VeeamON session list and tried to build my agenda. Not surprisingly there’s going to be lots of interesting content, so I had a hard time building the right agenda out of the over 100 available sessions. I ended up with having conflicting schedules and so had to leave out some sessions. While I’m sure, recordings of the virtual breakouts will be made available, I fear that I will miss-out some of the in-person content.

All the sessions are great and offer useful content but with this post I wanted to highlight ‘just some’ of those. Deciding which one was just as hard as creating the agenda.



Before VeeamON starts there’s also an “Ask me anything!” session with Veeam’s Product Strategy Team: AMA Live! Ask the Veeam Product Strategy Team ANYTHING!

But, like I said, those sessions are only a small cutout. So if you have already registered for VeeamON, hop over to the VeeamON page and build your own agenda: VeeamON Agenda

If you haven’t registered so far, then you should do so: Register for VeeamON

VeeamON is a hybrid event, so you can either go for the in-person event or attend online. The in-person part does have more to offer and the Veeam Legends/Vanguards did receive a discount code, which saves you 100$:

  • VOMIAMI1002
  • VOMIAMI1003

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  1. […] content available. If you’re struggling to think where to begin, Max Maier has put together a great schedule of suggestions, and I’m not just saying that because he put me on his […]


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