The NEW Veeam Community

Veeam did the unexpected at Veeam Live at the end of October, they announced a new Veeam Community. Now most frequent users of Veeam will no doubt be aware that Veeam already has a community of sorts, the Veeam Forums, so what’s different here?

Well, Veeam have recognised that not all conversations need to be technical in nature, and it creates a mixed message within the community as people are collaborating at different levels, with some people wishing to talk about a high level feature request, or new product advancements, whilst others want assistance with technical issues.

It’s worth also highlighting here that the existing Veeam Forums have grown more popular since the release of Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition, users of this edition don’t get phone support from Veeam but simply best effort web support, so users in need of immediate assistance tend to flock to the forums, which can obscure other important topics to discuss.

So where’s the new community and what can I expect to see there?

The new community is located over at and you can expect to see a mixture of community news, blogs and podcasts, discussion boards and scripts. It’s a great place already to find information and engage with the always active Veeam community including Veeam employees themselves, just like the Veeam Forums. But my favourite feature by far is the Veeam Community Recap, these videos are a weekly snapshot of some key highlights from new community topics that week.

Where to begin?

Well firstly, register! And then check out the awesome community recap videos and join in the conversation! Whilst you’re there maybe you want to check out your nearest Veeam User Group and show us what you know!

See you there!

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