Veeam Legend 2021!

Everyone likes receiving good news. Today I’m delighted to publicly share the good news that Veeam informed me of on Wednesday. I’ve been accepted into the first intake of Veeam Legends.

What are Veeam Legends?

To hear it straight from the wonderful Kseniya of Veeam you can read here. In essence though, the Veeam Legends program is about Veeam highlighting both Veeam users and industry experts in the data protection industry who actively participate in the community. What’s really great about this programme is the flexibility of it, whether you frequent the Veeam R&D or Community forums, if you’re helping people or sharing insights, it gets noticed. The same if you participate or organise any of the awesome Veeam User Groups that take place around the globe (and you really should check these out, odds are there’s one in your area!).

The full list is available here and it’s a true honour to have my name alongside these people who truly deserve the title of LEGEND. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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By micoolpaul

Technical Consultant at Nexus Open Systems. Focusing on Veeam, VMware & Microsoft Productivity and Infrastructure stacks.

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