Quick Tip: How to fix camera flickering in Microsoft Teams

For the last 18+ months, there’s been a huge increase in the number of video calls (apparently something to do with a pandemic?). For some people this has caused them a huge amount of frustration if they’re near a source of LED lighting, as it appears on camera as a flicker, this can become even more prominent when using background effects or filters.

Thankfully Microsoft Teams has a built in solution! From the main Microsoft Teams client window, click on the three dots and then choose settings.

From settings, you’ll want to select “Devices” from the left hand side, then scroll down to the “Camera” section.

Under the camera section you’ll have a clickable link labelled “Open camera settings”, you’ll then see a screen such as below:

To resolve this problem, all you need to do is change your PowerLine Frequency setting, most commonly in the UK this needs to be changed from 60 Hz to 50 Hz, but if you’re using 50 Hz and having this problem, you can change this to 60 Hz.

Once you click okay, your video feed should be looking clean!

Hope this helps!

5 responses to “Quick Tip: How to fix camera flickering in Microsoft Teams”

  1. Does anyone else not have this ‘Open camera settings’ feature to be able to access the frequency settings- im on a mac?


    1. Hi, I don’t have a mac to test but last time I used one those options didn’t exist, sorry!


    2. I’m on a mac and I don’t see it. I have terrible flickering on Teams video when plugged into an external LG Ultrafine monitor. Have tried everything. At a total loss. Sounds like this would fix it—if only I could access that setting. Anyone else have any ideas?


      1. Your camera flickers or the video in general flickers? Is this using the same camera as when you’re not using the monitor?


      2. Beatriz Shorrock Avatar
        Beatriz Shorrock

        I have the same issue Amanda – weirdly no flicker with Google meet or zoom , only teams on desktop 🤷‍♀️ absolute mystery – I’ve tried new camera , new connector , disabled auto adjust setting and reinstalled teams . Nothing seems to work ?


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